Regular maintenance of a furnace is essential for long-term comfort and efficiency. Ideally, you should schedule a professional furnace service appointment once a year before the cold weather arrives. This maintenance visit typically takes around an hour and involves a few key steps.

Inspection and Cleaning

During a routine furnace service visit, the technician will inspect all of the components for wear or damage. They may also check the thermostat to make sure it is working properly and adjust any settings if necessary. Additionally, they will clean the burners, gas valve, blower assembly, and heat exchanger to ensure that the furnace is running as efficiently as possible.

Part Replacement and Adjustment

If any parts of the furnace or the surrounding HVAC system need to be replaced or adjusted, the technician will handle this during the service visit. This could include replacing the air filter, lubricating moving parts, or adjusting the blower motor settings. In addition, the technician may install new safety devices, such as carbon monoxide detectors and flame sensors, if they’re not already present.

Safety Checks

A key component of a furnace service is ensuring the safety of the system. The technician will likely check for gas leaks, inspect the venting system, and make sure all electrical connections are secure. If they find any safety issues during the service visit, the technician will address them before leaving.

Your furnace is an investment in the safety and comfort of your home, and it pays to have it serviced regularly. Each of these steps is vital for keeping your furnace running smoothly and efficiently, so be sure to schedule an appointment with a qualified HVAC technician each year. At Daflure, we provide trusted heating, cooling, solar, and indoor air quality services to homeowners in New Cumberland, PA, and the surrounding areas, and we’re here to help keep your furnace in peak condition. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a furnace service appointment!

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