A History of Daflure

A History of Daflure

For more than 42 years, Daflure, Heating, Cooling and Solar has been one of Harrisburg’s most respected names in the HVAC, geothermal and the solar industry. Our dependable technicians and customer-first attitude have earned us a top 1% national ranking for satisfied customers. Daflure is also in the elite class of Trane Comfort Specialists and now a Comfort Pro with Daikin, known nationwide. To fully understand Daflure’s deeply rooted commitment to service and our unique company culture, let us take a brief look at our company’s history.

The David F. McClure Company

The Company began in 1979, when David McClure, an experienced HVAC installer and estimator, saw an opportunity to provide a higher level of heating and cooling service and installation for the Harrisburg area, while satisfying a desire to be an entrepreneur.

Daflure VanAs Sheryl provided stability working as a full-time nurse, David started to lay the foundation for their family business. As he and his wife Sheryl grew the family business, the next generation was waiting in the wings to continue the tradition of dependability.

“My dad was out turning wrenches, then he got the business to the point where he was not working in the business, he was able to work on the business. That is a tricky balance, but my parents successfully transitioned from just providing themselves a job to providing an opportunity for their newfound customers, coworkers, and our family,” said Justin McClure, current President and 2nd generation owner.

A New Name

In 2000, David transitioned leadership of the family business from himself to Justin, the oldest of their 4 children. With this transition, Justin saw further opportunity to develop the family business as a market leader and at the same time build a stronger differentiation factor. So, this brought forward the new name Daflure, derived from David F. McClure, creating a new brand initiative that aligned with their ongoing mission. This new name preserved his father’s legacy while providing the company with a sharpened market presence to move the company forward for the future. Aside from the name, the most important parts of the business remained the same with the goal of continuous improvement.

Expanding into Commercial and Industrial.

In late 2010, Daflure announced the merger and long-term acquisition of O.L. Jacobs’ Sons, a privately held, family-owned commercial and industrial mechanical services provider. Founded in 1945 by Otto Lee Jacobs, this company is a 3rd generation business with family values still rooted deeply at its core.

In 1974, Otto proudly passed his family business onto his sons Harold and Ray Jacob. In 1984, Ray purchased the other half of the business from his brother and became the president of the company. For 26 years, Ray was the cornerstone of the business’s day-to-day operations, just as his father O.L. Jacobs had been a generation before. Together, the two companies have over 80 years of continued service that was built upon the solid foundation of outstanding relationships and family values.

Giving Back

Having called New Cumberland, Pennsylvania “home” since 1979, Daflure takes pride in the local community and has formed partnerships with the following organizations: Hope Walks, Bridge of Hope Harrisburg Area, Vickie’s Angel Foundation and others we can partner with to make our community better.

In addition to giving back to the community, Daflure actively seeks out the latest “green” technologies to help our customers give back to the environment while reducing energy costs. Leading the Central Pennsylvania market in solar and geothermal systems, we take special care to apply these green technologies within our own business. Daflure is transitioning our fleet of vehicles and facilities to promote a greener environment for our employees as well as for our customers that include electric vehicles, photovoltaic solar array, solar thermal and high efficiency HVAC systems and controls. If you would like to learn more about Daflure, our processes, and/or our services, please call or click and we will be happy to help. We look forward to serving you!