Getting a new commercial HVAC system can be daunting, especially considering the work involved. Having an idea of how the process works can help you better prepare for the installation and prepare some questions about the installation. The HVAC installation can be a lengthy process, but knowing what to expect can help you expedite the early stages of the process to help answer any questions regarding your building needs. The installation process is usually split into two major parts.

The Inspection

The first and most important part of the HVAC installation process is the inspection. This inspection will start with getting measurements and getting an idea of the square footage of the building, as well as the general climate, the number of average occupants, the heating and cooling envelope of the building, as well as a few other factors that can affect the efficiency of the system. Once this process is done, the HVAC professionals will design a system to specifically meet the needs of your space, as well as advise on which HVAC system would work best for your needs, be it a single package, split system, or VRF unit.

The Install and Testing

Once all the data has been compiled into manuals for reference, it’s time for the installation to begin. Before work even begins, the duct system will be measured out and crafted to fit the design plans for your commercial space. The next step is to remove the old system if there is one. This could take a little bit of time, but once that’s done, the rest of the installation goes relatively quickly. With the new system in place, the HVAC professionals will reassess the areas that need to be heated or cooled and calibrate the new system accordingly. Once the calibration is all set, they’ll test the duct system, ensure there are no issues or any kind of heating leaks in the duct system, and ensure that the configuration properly heats or cools each section of the building. Depending on the building layout and positioning of doors, it’s possible that a zone could cover more than one room if they’re connected by open halls or archways.

In Need of an HVAC Installation?

If you’re looking to get a new HVAC system for your business, call the professionals at Daflure to get the process started. You can rest assured that they’ll take all the proper steps to make sure you get the most out of your new system and get the job done quickly, so your staff isn’t left out in the cold. Call now and get the process started today. We also offer a full line of residential heating and cooling services, as well as solar and indoor air quality solutions to Cumberland and surrounding area residents.

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