What’s more enticing than a movie night in the middle of winter in your toasty basement in front of that big Ultra HD screen? What’s stopping you? Oh, the fact that the basement is always freezing cold? It doesn’t have to be! The experts at Daflure have many options available for you to have that warm, cozy basement so you can eat popcorn and watch movies in comfort.

Extend Existing Ductwork and Install Cold Air Return

Many times when a basement includes an HVAC heating system, the hot air registers end up on the ceiling. Unfortunately, we know that when the hot air comes out of the registers, it will end up floating back up as heat rises. This will leave the room chilly, as the cold and heavy dense air descends to the floor. One way to get around this is to install a cold air return, which will then hang out around the bottom half of the room and recycle it within the furnace to produce more hot air.

Electric Space Heater

Another option to heat the basement is using an electric space heater. This is an inexpensive way to heat up that cold basement. These come in many different types, and prices generally range between $50 and $100 for a unit that does the job. Most electric heaters use about 1,500 watts of energy, so factor this into your monthly energy bill.

Natural Gas Fireplace

Clean, good-looking and efficient – this could be your ticket to a toasty basement. Of course, some research needs to be done first. Do you want inserts, built-in, standalone, vented or vent-free? Each type comes with its own intricacies and safety features, so due diligence is needed before deciding on what works best for you.

Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is a clean, efficient and unobtrusive way to keep your basement comfortable. It can be installed at any time in the home, and it’s hidden from everyone and everything! It may be a bit costly to install but will pay back in later savings and comfort as well as house re-sale.

We Can Do It All

Regardless of what you decide, Daflure can install, maintain and repair any heating or cooling system. We also offer solar services. We have over 40 years of experience and can serve the entire New Cumberland, PA, area and throughout the county. Give us a call today and enjoy your warm basement this winter!

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