Updated August 16, 2023

There are several possible reasons why you might need to reset your air conditioning unit. For instance, in the event of a power outage, your AC might not come back on when the power is restored. This could be because of the protection circuit breaker built into most AC units to help prevent fires. Here’s a guide on how to reset your AC in such a situation.

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Find the Reset Button

The obvious first step is to reach for the reset button. Most modern air conditioning units will have this feature. It’s usually a small button that’s marked in red. If the button isn’t immediately visible, refer to your owner’s manual to find its location.

Unplug Your AC

Disconnect your AC unit’s power cord from the wall for at least 10 seconds and then reconnect it. You can then hit the reset button to power the AC back up. You’ll have to hold down the reset button for a brief time before releasing it. To be safe, hold it down for at least three seconds.

Reset the Circuit Breaker

If the tips above still don’t work, go to your circuit breaker panel and locate the switch your AC is connected to. Turn it off and then on again. This is likely sufficient to power your AC unit. If you’re unsure where to find your circuit breaker panel, try looking in the basement. They’re also sometimes mounted in a closet space.

Reset the System Manually

A few air conditioning units may not have a built-in reset button. In this case, you’ll have to reset the system some other way. Power off the unit by using the switch near the compressor. You’ll then need to locate the 240-volt circuit, which is normally found in the main electrical panel. Switch the circuit off. Leave the unit unplugged from any power source for 20-30 minutes before reconnecting it to a power supply.

Rely on the Experts

If none of these steps work, our experienced HVAC professionals at Daflure can come in to take a closer look at the problem. For more than 42 years now, we’ve been offering affordable and efficient HVAC services in and around the New Cumberland region. In addition to performing a complete range of heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance services, our technicians also handle indoor air quality, retrofitting and solar installation. Give us a call today or visit our website to book an appointment.

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