Fuel-based furnaces are a popular residential heating option for many families in Pennsylvania. However, determining exactly how much oil you need is often a complicated matter. The size of your home, overall furnace efficiency, and average outdoor temperature can all impact how much oil you use. Keep this helpful info in mind when calculating your future oil refills.

Refilling Your Furnace’s Oil Tank

The average residential oil tank can hold 275 gallons. Depending on the size and layout of your home, you may use anywhere from two to eight gallons a day. This can fluctuate depending on how often your home is occupied and the season. Your furnace will need much more oil during the winter when temperatures drop below freezing.

If temperatures stay moderate in the fall, one full tank could last you several months. However, once the new year rolls around, you may be stuck refilling your tank every five to six weeks. Expect to refill your oil about three or four times between October and April.

Tips for Oil Furnaces

Make sure you’re scheduling regular maintenance to lower your costs and boost your furnace’s efficiency. A clean, fully functioning oil furnace won’t need as much oil to keep your home comfortably warm. You should also plan your oil refills ahead of time to ensure they aren’t delayed by the holidays. It’s often beneficial to order oil in the spring or late summer when the demand is low and more discounts are available.

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