Noisy air conditioners can be problematic and irritating. The last thing you want to experience on a hot summer afternoon in New Cumberland is a malfunctioning air conditioner. To avoid unexpected breakdowns, look out for unusual sounds coming from your unit. Hissing or squealing sounds could indicate a severe issue that requires immediate attention from an HVAC professional. The following are some of the reasons why your AC may be making unusual sounds.

Squealing Sounds

Squealing sounds from an air conditioner could be due to the bearings on the condenser fan of your motor. Another reason for air conditioners making squealing sounds could be a slipped belt that connects to the motor’s blower. Most modern air conditioners don’t use the belt system, so if your AC is modern, the reason could be the bearings on the condenser fan’s motor. The noise indicates that you may need to replace the motor. If the air conditioner is older, replacing its belt can get rid of the squealing noises.

Grinding or Humming Noises

Humming or grinding noises originating from an AC’s blower unit signal that the motor requires lubrication. It would help if you lubricated the oil ports of the air conditioning system with some lubrication oil. Additionally, you can prevent humming and grinding sounds by oiling the motor frequently, especially during the start of the cooling season.

Whistling or Hissing Sounds

You could be having a refrigerant leak if you are hearing hissing sounds. A refrigerant leak reduces the air conditioner’s charge and lowers its efficiency. Unfortunately, refrigerants can be hazardous to your pets and family. Therefore, call a professional to fix the refrigerant leak and get rid of the hissing noises.

Screaming Noise

Ensure that you turn off your air conditioner immediately if you hear a screaming sound. Call an experienced technician to inspect, diagnose and fix the issue. Screaming sounds can signal high internal pressure in the AC’s compressor, which can be dangerous.

It’s best to hire a professional for any of the unusual sounds discussed above. We have skilled technicians that can inspect your air conditioner and fix the issue quickly so you can return to optimal comfort in your home. Our other services in New Cumberland include boilers, air purification, home energy audits, indoor air quality, and solar systems. Contact Daflure today for an expert diagnosis.

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