Gas-fired furnaces offer rapid heating and even, steady heat. They’re perfect for New Cumberland, PA where winter temperatures often dip to just 20 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if the gas furnace in your home isn’t well-maintained, using it could cost a veritable fortune. The following are six ways to keep your heating costs to a minimum with a gas-fired furnace.

1. Change Your Furnace Filter Often

Dirty filters inhibit airflow and force gas furnaces to work harder. Running your gas furnace with a dirty filter could result in a much higher energy bill. To avoid heavy filter build-ups, inspect this component monthly and replace it every 30 to 90 days.

2. Have Your Furnace Professionally Maintained Before Winter

Along with regular filter changes, annual tune-up services keep gas furnaces running efficiently. Our technicians lubricate moving parts, calibrate thermostats, remove blockages, and clean the interior and exterior of these appliances. We also swap out damaged parts and test all safety features and exhaust vent components.

3. Take Care of Your HVAC Air Ducts

Have your HVAC air ducts inspected annually. You should also have these features insulated and sealed. This will minimize heat loss during the distribution of conditioned air.

4. Tighten Your Home’s Envelope

Add weatherstripping to your windows and doors and seal up air leaks in building materials. You can also improve your window treatments, add more attic and crawlspace insulation, and take other measures to keep indoor heat from escaping.

5. Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats track energy consumption, heater use, and other factors. You can use this data to make efficiency upgrades and other HVAC or building improvements. Smart thermostats also make it easy to schedule temperature adjustments according to residents’ changing schedules and needs. Per ENERGY STAR, installing one of these appliances could cut your heating costs by up to 8%.

6. Have Your Natural Gas Heating System Zoned

HVAC zoning divides homes into two or more service areas. Each service area or zone has its own thermostat, and residents can control the temperatures in individual zones independently. With zoning, your gas furnace won’t have to burn fuel to heat unoccupied spaces. Zone heating also allows residents to establish their preferred temperatures in their immediate areas which often limits heating demand.

We serve New Cumberland, PA, and the surrounding cities. We provide exceptional heating, cooling, and air quality services. Homeowners can also turn to us for solar installation, geothermal heating, and smart thermostats. To sign up for our Comfort Club or schedule an appointment, contact Daflure now.

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