Mini-Split Air Conditioner in Mechanicsburg, PAAt Daflure, we can offer a new mini-split air conditioner system if you live in Mechanicsburg, PA. Let us install this air conditioner if your home has a non-ducted heating system or if you’re looking to replace your old one. A ductless AC can also be the perfect option for small apartments and room additions.

    Like other air conditioning systems, mini-split air conditioners are made up of two components. One of these components is the condenser that we place outside the home. The other component is the air handling unit that we install inside the home. A conduit connects these two units.

    Mechanicsburg’s Mini-Split Air Conditioner Assistance

    Mini-split air conditioners are usually smaller than central air conditioners. However, they can offer you the flexibility that you need. Many mini-split ACs have more than one indoor unit. When we place these units in different rooms, you can cool individual rooms depending on the rooms’ air conditioning needs. That can help you save a lot of energy that you would have wasted in cooling unoccupied rooms.

    Mini-split air conditioners are also versatile. Therefore, regardless of your cooling requirements and the size of your home, you will find a ductless AC that meets your needs. They also give room for expansion. Therefore, if you’re considering carrying out a home addition project, contact us so that we can install a ductless air conditioner in your home.

    Installing a mini-split air conditioner is usually straightforward. We make a three-inch hole through which the conduit passes. We will then install the indoor and outdoor units and connect them. That makes this air conditioning system the perfect option for basement spaces.

    Mechanicsburg's Mini-Split Air Conditioner AssistanceIf a mini-split AC system is already installed in your home, but it doesn’t cool your indoor space as it is should, schedule AC maintenance or repair with our team. You should also request our AC repair team if the AC is producing unusual noises. Failure to do this can result in more issues since the different components of this system are usually connected to each other.

    Below are other warning signs that signal you’ll need mini-split AC repair.
    • Malfunctioning AC controls
    • Water puddles
    • High electricity bills
    • AC performance fluctuations

    Professional Ductless AC Company

    At Daflure, we offer the best mini-split AC installation, maintenance, and repair to the people living in Mechanicsburg and the surrounding areas. We are a locally operated and owned HVAC company located on 8th Street, New Cumberland. We have been in business since 1979, and our technicians are well trained and highly experienced. We value customer satisfaction, so we usually listen to what our customers have to say before serving them.

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    We also offer ductless AC units in New Cumberland.