DaFlure Trane Local Dealer

New Beginnings

The year 1945 was a pivotal moment in history. It marked the end of a major World War and the beginning of many new American dreams. Otto Lee Jacobs was among this generation of new dreamers and in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania on October 2, 1945 he first opened the doors to his plumbing and heating business — O.L. Jacobs. The company began working primarily on residential plumbing, heating and sheet metal fabrication and later expanded into the air condition and heat pump market. For 29 years, O.L. Jacobs remained an integral part of the day to day operations of this family-owned business.

The Next Generation

On June 10, 1974 Otto Lee proudly passed this homegrown business on to his two sons, Harold and Ray Jacobs who together carried on its deeply rooted family values. The story of how they chose their new roles within the company is simple — they flipped a coin! Based upon the outcomes of this toss, Harold serves as President and Ray as Vice President. After a decade of working together to steadily grow the O.L. Jacobs name and breaking into the commercial and industrial markets, Ray Jacobs purchased the business and became the President of the company on July 2, 1984. For 26 years, Ray was the cornerstone of the business’s day to day operations just as his father O.L. Jacobs had been a generation before him.

A Perfect Partnership

From 1974 until 2010, O.L. Jacobs saw a rapid growth in the retail shopping mall business and industrial markets and steadily rose as a leading provider in the industry. Then on November 3, 2010, O.L. Jacobs was given a unique opportunity to expand the scope of its services into the residential market by merging with The David F. McClure Company, Daflure Heating, Cooling and Solar. As a result of this merger, O.L. Jacobs now proudly provides customers with divisions of residential service and installations, new home installations and commercial/industrial service installations. Justin McClure, President of Daflure, also services as President of O.L. Jacobs with Ray Jacobs as Vice President.

The partnership between O.L. Jacobs and Daflure is not about the different services each company provides as it is about the similar cultural philosophies they both share. Both businesses are privately-help, family-owned companies based in Central Pennsylvania. They are deeply committed to providing the highest level of service, advocating innovative solutions to technical challenges and providing ongoing professional development for their employees. Combined, O.L. Jacobs and Daflure have over 80 years of continued service that was built upon the solid foundation of outstanding relationships and family values.

Looking to the future, O.L. Jacobs is well positioned to grow exponentially faster than ever before. What all began as one man and one dream over 65 years ago has since transformed into a 3rd generation business with family values still rooted deeply at its core.


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